With CloudWok we will provide you with the very best of current file upload services. Just like EntourageBox, CloudWok allows you to receive files directly in your Cloud Storage without requiring uploaders to have any account. Some providers may offer a similar service for certain cloud storages.
But within almost two years of operating EntourageBox you gave us lots of feedback and we learned many details what an upload service must really offer. A solution based on your ideas and inspirations – that is what makes CloudWok special!

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Larger choice of Cloud Services – connect to all Clouds
We did offer Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3 already. Now we’ve added Box.com and Facebook albums for you to receive files with. More of the well known Cloud Storages are about to follow allowing you to work with all your clouds storages and not to be limited to one service.

Collect files more flexibly – email, phone, your own site
Besides file uploads from an upload site CloudWok now allows receiving email attachments directly in your cloud. For example connect to a Facebook album – you and anyone you like can post a picture just by sending an email.
For the ones of you with an own website or blog using our free embed code will let anyone upload from your own site directly into your cloud storage. Use different folders and links for different topics and thereby receive the content directly in the right spot (subfolders will be available soon).
Here our new user management is more convenient as it allows you to once upgrade your account and then create as many shared links as you like. All of them benefit from your users priority status.

More mature solution and set of features – take control of your uploads
CloudWok is not only more intuitive to use as of its fresh and now look, we also implemented many features you were requesting in the past.
You may monitor who uploaded what files when in the log that comes with each link. Additionally receive personal messages from your uploaders containing their names and individual comments letting you know about their details and intention. Optionally you may share already uploaded content for allow anybody also to download from your cloud storage.
Feeling a little uncomfortable with having a public link anyone may use to send you files?  By enabling password protection or setting upload limits you always retain control of your site.

Faster site and more helpful information – 42!
You will benefit from our fast and secure infrastructure which is now scalable and distributed to regions all over the world.
For problem you’ll find our new FAQ helpful, topic can be discussed on this blog and any sort of other  questions will for sure be answered when dropping us a message to support@cloudwok.com

Use CloudWok and share your experience
We are quite proud of what we achieved in our little team. But we are not stopping improving our service by including your ideas and feature requests. So don’t stop to send us your feedback. It’s always of great value for us.

Now enough talking and writing. Please enjoy using our new version on www.cloudwok.com.

Happy CloudWoking!