With the CloudWok embed code widget, you can add file-upload-to-cloud capabilities to your own website. Thereby, you can create a form on your website where visitors of your website can upload files that are transferred directly into your connected Dropbox folder (or Google Drive folder, S3 bucket, Box.com folder, Facebook photo album, etc.).

CloudWok file-upload embed code

You can embed the widget with the following code:

<form class="cloudwok-upload">
</div> (function(window, document) { var loader = function() { var script = document.createElement("script"), tag = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; script.src = "https://www.cloudwok.com/cdn-vassets/javascripts/cw.js"; tag.parentNode.insertBefore(script, tag); }; window.addEventListener ? window.addEventListener("load", loader, false) : window.attachEvent("onload", loader); })(window, document);

Check out our demo page: https://cloudwok.github.io/file-upload-embed/

More information at http://developers.cloudwok.com