Has CloudWok helped you with your project? Share the good news with your friends and receive free extra quota by liking us on Facebook or following our Twitter page. Also posting and tweeting a nice message, e.g., on how CloudWok helped you will now be rewarded with extra quota that is added to your account.

Quick Facts:

  • Receive 500MB extra quota for a Facebook-like / Twitter-follow or for a nice tweet or post.
  • 2GB will be grated for an blog post describing how CloudWok helped in your case
  • The extra quota is added to your free or premium account and gets consumed once your normal monthly quota is used up.
  • It doesn’t expire by the end of a month so you may top up a free or premium account with several hundred megabytes of additional free upload quota.

Here are all the details you need to know about receiving and using free extra quota.