Different people use different Cloud Storages. With CloudWok you can now connect all Cloud Storages and share content between different Clouds.

With this new feature we allow users to “Subscribe” to your Wok’s content. Subscribing means, that a copy of any upload to your Wok will be transferred into the subscribers’ Cloud Storages. Each subscriber is free to choose with which Cloud she/he would like to subscribe with.

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Just think of your holiday pictures. You may collect the pictures in a folder of your Dropbox. But of course all your fellow travellers would like to receive the pictures, too. They can now Subscribe to your holiday pictures with their own Google Drive or Box.com or even Facebook Album.

In other cases people might me interested in

  • Videos or images
  • Music files or podcasts
  • Research results
  • Content you generate on your webpage
  • Customer files

Such information can now easily be spread between everyone interested. They only need to subscribe to your content and they’ll receive the files in their own Cloud Storage! In difference to a “Shared Folder” where all of you would need to have a Storage account, CloudWok lets you Subscribe with any Cloud Storage you prefer.

As a first step we are releasing a lightweight beta version of CloudWok Subscriptions. Here is how it works:

  1. You can enable subscriptions for your Wok
  2. On the upload page users may subscribe to the content with one of their own Woks and connected Cloud Storage
  3. You will receive a request to confirm new subscriptions. Once confirmed copies of uploads will also be transferred to your subscribers’ Cloud
  4. Of course you’re always in control to manage (add/remove) subscriptions

subscribe wok menu

For more details on How to use Subscriptions and lots of further information please check on our related FAQ article.

We’ve got many ideas in mind to improve the basic idea with additional features. But we would also like to give you access to the beta version of the Wok Subscription feature and ask for your feedback and recommendations.

Enjoy Subscribing to other Woks and receiving copies in your own Cloud!
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