I hope you all enjoyed your turkey!! And if you, your family, or friends took some pictures or videos – here is an easy way on how to collect them in your Cloud and even share them with everyone.

Turkey Time

Ok, I’ll give you a short introduction on how to set this up. It should take you only a few minutes but at the end you easily collected all of this years Thanksgiving memories. Of course your friends or family members will NOT need any account to do this. They just access your URL with their browser and send you their files in an instant. In the last step I’ll also tell you how everybody could easily receive a copy of the files themselves.

Best thing for you – it’s absolutely for free. And as it’s Thanksgiving you can upgrade to a one month Silver Wok for free using coupon CW_Thanksgiving. Share it with anyone and of course the coupon is also valid for all of you not using it for Thanksgiving 🙂

To get you started

First go to www.cloudwok.com and select the cloud storage that you would like to receive files with. In case you’re not yet a user it will take you less than a minute to sign up and it will be absolutely for free.
Select your Cloud

Then enter the name of your new Thanksgiving folder. This folder will be created in your selected cloud and all uploaded files will be placed in there:
Create Wok

Creating your “Wok” will generate an upload URL for you. Share it with your family or friends and receive all pictures from them right into your cloud. On the “Customize” tab you can even reserve a custom name for your URL as the example shows below:
Share Wok

That’s basically it. Now create your Wok, share your URL with everyone and see the pictures and videos coming in!!

What friends and family need to do

Once you shared your upload URL with them they obviously need to click the link. They will get to your upload page from where they can select their pictures and videos by simply dragging and dropping them. The page will work on their PC and smartphones:
Thanksgiving Upload Page with custom text

All selected files will be loaded right into the folder of your cloud.

As promised here is how everyone interested may receive a copy in their own cloud

See the “Subscribe” button in the screenshot above? If you’ve allowed subscribing for your Wok all your visitors will see that button. By clicking it they can create a Wok themselves which is connected to their own cloud storage. Every Subscriber will receive a copy of all uploaded Thanksgiving pictures and videos in her/his own cloud:
Subscribe to Wok

Start now at www.cloudwok.com

CloudWok logo


Here are some links to FAQ articles you may find useful: