Good news, everyone. We have just released a widget configurator. Now, you can go to to try out and live-preview many of the customization options, such as custom texts, labels, colors, etc. Thereby, you can also translate and show the widget texts in your preferred language.


You can embed the CloudWok file upload widget into your own website. Simply copy and paste the HTML code into the source code of your page. Find the “HTML Code” tab in the configurator and click on the clipboard icon to copy the code.


If you have a WordPress blog, you can also install the CloudWok WordPress plugin. Include the WordPress shortcode in any blog post or page to allow file uploads into your cloud from that page. We will release a new version of the WordPress plugin and further updates over the next few days, giving you better customization features, such as an admin settings page.

On the top list of the most requested customization options are:

  • Disable/make the terms-of-service popup text customizable
  • Disable/make the upload-success popup text customizable

We are currently working on these two features and will release new customization settings next week. These will include the possibility to have a ToS checkbox instead of a popup and a less obnoxious success message after successful uploads (you can already customize the text, but we will also improve the way that the message is shown to uploaders, including the ability to redirect to another page, etc.).

Stay tuned…