Today, we released version 0.5 of the CloudWok WordPress plugin. With the CloudWok WordPress plugin, you can let your blog visitors directly upload files into your Dropbox, into your Google Drive, or into other cloud storages that you own. This means:

  • No traffic from the file-upload goes through your WordPress blog. You don’t need to worry about WordPress file size limitations or the like.
  • You don’t need to download the uploaded files from your WordPress blog. They end up directly in your Dropbox, Google Drive, …

The main addition in version 0.5 of the plugin is a settings page that allows you easier and well integrated customization of the file-upload texts, labels, colors, etc:

  1. In your WordPress blog, click on the left-hand WordPress admin sidebar on “Settings” and then “CloudWok” to open the settings page.
  2. Here you can create a WordPress shortcode that you can embed in your blog posts and pages (the widget configurator on helps you to generate customized code).
  3. Then simply add the shortcode into your blog post, for example [cloudwok ref=1], at the place where you would like to place the file-upload area.

Don’t worry about your existing CloudWok shortcodes – all existing features and configurations still work and will continue to work as they are now. However, if you need more fine-grained customization of the file-upload widget, now you can do it with the 3 steps described above.

Let us know if you have feedback or ideas on which customization options / features you would like to see next (currently, we are working on Terms-of-Service customization, which will be released very soon).

Have a great day!


Here are some screens of the new 0.5 version: