You have planned your wedding for a long time. Now that your great day is about to take place there will be dozens of friends and family members capturing beautiful, funny and touching moments.

Your wedding pictures page: Receive photos and videos from guests.

Here is an easy and quick way that will help you to collect all files from all guests. We’ll spare you from running after your friends for their pictures, receiving dozens of emails or understanding complicated webpages. With CloudWok every guest can share pictures with just one click.

Collect files in your existing Cloud Storage

All uploaded files will be stored in your personal cloud storage. Pick your Dropbox, Google Drive,, Amazon S3 or if you like even a Facebook Album.

Cloud Storage Selection
Select your cloud storage

When using CloudWok for the first time you’ll be asked to allow us to place your files in your cloud and to enter your email address to exchange messages with you.

Create your personal wedding pictures page

A new folder will contain all uploads in the selected cloud storage. After entering the folder name click „Create Wok“ and your personal wedding pictures page is created:

Create Wok
Create your wedding upload page

A Wok offers many features helping you to collect all wedding pictures and videos. In it’s simplest form it is just a link to a personal upload webpage. It allows all your guests to upload their pictures and videos right into your cloud.

Your wedding pictures page (example)

Share the link with all your guests! Send out an email, chat message or publish in Twitter or Facebook. They will not require any account, only browser or a cell phone to access your wedding pictures page.

Share Your Wok
Sharing options for the link to your wedding pictures page

Submit wedding pictures – Peace of (wedding) cake!

On your wedding pictures page photos and videos can be selected or added by simply dragging and dropping them into the page.

Upload Files
Uploading files from your wedding pictures page

All files will be uploaded right into the folder in your cloud storage.

Google Drive Files
Files in your cloud storage (here: Google Drive)

In a few weeks we will launch our mobile app to upload any photo or video right from your smartphone. Guests can upload pictures already during the wedding. So when you wake up the next day after your wedding you will have a real nice surprise waiting for you already!

Very useful

  • Enter a personal message which your guests will see when visiting your upload page.
    Screenshot 2016-01-31 23.09.36
  • You can generate a personal name for your upload page. So e.g. share all your guests will easily remember it.
    Screenshot 2016-01-31 23.15.39
  • You’ll be notified about uploaded files by an email.
  • For real convenient and quick access there is also a QR code. Print it on your invitation or name-cards on the table. So everyone will hold the key right in their hands and find it easy to use.
    Screenshot 2016-01-31 23.19.18
  • Restrict your wedding upload page from unwanted access by protecting it with a password.
    Screenshot 2016-01-31 23.22.22

A Picture Gallery

Having all your guests uploading pictures on your wedding page is helpful. But you may also want to share your pictures! So read our article on how to share already uploaded pictures with your guest.