With CloudWok you can easily collect your wedding pictures and videos from friends and family (check out related article). But as Christopher McCandless already underlined  –

So let us help you to share your happiness with all your guests. The best thing is that with a CloudWok wedding pictures page you already got a perfect place to easily share all memories.

So ask your guest to first submit their files on your wedding pictures page and they will be able to look at the gallery of already submitted pictures right away. Maybe your friends and family will get inspired by looking at uploaded pictures in first place and then decide to submit their own ones as well.

Beginning with collecting all photos

Upload Files
Uploads from your wedding pictures page

With CloudWok you can collect wedding pictures and videos from all your guests.

Just connect CloudWok with your preferred cloud storage, create your wedding folder and we’ll generate your personal wedding upload page. It’s a real simple way to allow anyone to submit their files right into your own cloud storage.
Read our “Collect wedding photos and videos from family and friends” article for a quick explanation to get your own wedding pictures page.

Look at her beautiful dress!

No matter if it’s the wedding dance video, pictures of everybody dancing or the brides beautiful wedding dress – with your CloudWok wedding pictures page there comes a way to share all wedding moments with your guests just by the flip of a switch.

Show Files Setting
Activate “Show Files” for your wedding page

Once files were uploaded into your cloud storage you can activate them to be visible to all visitors. That means all pictures and videos within in the wedding folder of your cloud storage are nicely presented to your guests.

A gallery of all pictures is shown on your wedding pictures page

To get the best view an your photos there is a list as well as a gallery view. Guests can download them to their own computers. Of course guests do not require any logon or account, just an internet browser to open your page.

Don’t miss a thing

As your sister or best friend might be terribly interested in all the photos anyway, why not allow them to subscribe to your wedding page. By activating subscriptions for your wedding pictures page you can allow your guests to receive a copy of all uploaded pictures right with their own cloud storage.

Subscribe Wedding Wok
Allow guests to subscribe to your wedding pictures page

The subscribers can then create a folder in their own cloud (could be any cloud storage they prefer and does not need to be the same one you are using). A copy of all uploaded pictures or videos will then also be sent to their cloud.