Are you invited to a wedding and searching for a wedding gift idea? How about a gift that will help the wedding couple to easily collect all memorable pictures and videos of their great day!?

Help the wedding couple to get pictures from everybody!
Help the wedding couple to get pictures from everybody!

Your gift

With a few clicks you will create a wedding pictures page. All guests can submit their pictures and videos with only one click. The pictures will be stored in your personal cloud storage – but the wedding couple can also connect their own cloud an automatically receive all files in their own storage.

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Your gift: A wedding pictures page to collect all photos and videos!

CloudWok helps you to come up with a wedding pictures page everyone is able to use. All the other guests need is an Internet browser or a smartphone. And when all friends and family member have submitted their photos the couple will end up with a collection of so many pictures to look at and laugh about.

An optional gallery will also allow uploaded pictures and videos to be shared with everyone. So all other wedding guests will enjoy your gift as well.

To give you an idea on how such a wedding pictures page may look like just check our “Collect….” article.

The cost

We would recommend you to go for the silver subscription that offers enough data to let everyone send even a couple of bigger files. It has proofed to be enough for most weddings. In case it will be a real big wedding with hundreds of images and videos you can upgrade any time later.

For all features and prices see:
For all features and prices see:

Two to three months should be long enough for all guests to find a suitable lazy Sunday afternoon to upload their images. Just spread the word between the guests and everyone will want to look at the pictures right away.

That assumed it will cost you ten bucks.

How to do it

Set up the wedding pictures page just using your own cloud storage to keep the files in (Here is the link to get you started). This will provide you with a great wedding pictures page people attending the wedding can start using immediately during or after the wedding.

After you handed your gift to the couple there are two possibilities:
The first option assumes it’s ok for the couple that you keep collecting the files in your own cloud and share the file collection with them at the end. The second one is to have the wedding couples to receive pictures and videos in their own cloud storage.

Going for the second option you need to activate the subscription function for the wedding wok. The couple can then subscribe to their wedding pictures page and they will start receiving the pictures right in their personal cloud storage.

The couple (and everyone else) can subscribe and receive copies
The couple (and everyone else) can subscribe and receive copies

And considering the cost (as also the wedding couple will require a premium subscription for the second option) – don’t worry! Once the wedding couple has created and subscribed with their wok drop us a quick note to and we’ll upgrade the wedding couple’s account to the same plan as yours for free.

Something that proofed helpful

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone can start submitting pictures right during the wedding? Last year I attended three weddings and I created a wedding pictures page for all of them. But I also prepared a little card that showed the link to the wedding page.

Small card for all guests to remember :-)
Small card for all guests to remember 🙂

Handing out this little “memory card” to friends and family members some started submitting pictures (from their smartphones) right away. Others kept the card, found it their jacket the next day and uploaded their pictures later. Here is the template I was using – just download it and replace it with your own description / wedding pictures page link and QR code.

Feel free to read our other articles on the wedding pictures page (available soon). They will provide you with some additional information on how to collect and share files on a wedding pictures page. For any question just drop us a message to