Hey, you’re getting married?! – Awesome! And you’re even creating your own wedding homepage to share your story?

How your own wedding homepage may look like

One thing that will make your page alive is pictures. If those are pictures of you –celebrating, dancing, laughing – they will surely catch the interest of many friends and family members. Of course your photographer will take pictures beyond the reach of us ordinary people. But sometimes the most touching or funny moments are captured by uncle Roger, your nice or a good childhood friend. But how to get all these photos from everyone?

Let us help you with an easy to integrate file upload service from your own page right into your personal cloud storage. Receive and share pictures and videos from all your wedding guests and your site will be filled with memories every visitor will love.

Photo upload right into your personal cloud storage

Using a pre-generated code snippet or the WordPress plugin, you’ll get a flexible upload service for your own website. Dragging and dropping (or selecting) files into the upload section of your page will submit them directly into a folder of your own cloud storage. No matter if it is Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.com or Amazon S3 – use any of your personal cloud services to receive all your wedding pictures in there.

Drag and drop files in your webpage to have them uploaded to your cloud storage
Drag and drop files in your webpage to have them uploaded to your cloud storage

Photo Gallery

Besides the upload area you can also show a gallery of already uploaded photos. So you have one place on your page to receive uploads from guests and show available wedding photos and videos in a gallery.

Share already uploaded pictures in photo galleries
Share already uploaded pictures in photo galleries

The technical basics

With every CloudWok upload link there comes an easy to use plugin (How to get your started with CloudWok). Just go to https://www.cloudwok.com/developers and configure the widget the way you like it most (visible components, colors, texts).  The HTML code or WordPress Plugin code is generated right away for you. Copy the pre-generated code snipped into your webpage or WordPress Blog and you can receive uploads from any visitor right in your personal cloud.

Widget configurator to automatically generate your personal integration code
Widget configurator to automatically generate your personal integration code

We compiled some useful information on our developers site (developers.cloudwok.com) including a 3-minute guide on how to get it up and running.

Your shortcut to amazing – WordPress

Not all of us are capable of implementing our own webpage from scratch. Using pre-build services is a lot easier and will save quite some time and money.

I’m sure you heard of WordPress. Here are some great examples of WordPress based wedding pages and templates. They are really easy to use and it will only take you a few cups of coffee to create your own wedding page.

For all WordPress users and developers we came up with a WordPress Plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/cloudwok-file-upload/). It can easily be installed in your WordPress and allows everyone to upload wedding pictures and videos into your own cloud storage right from your own WordPress wedding page.

Wordpress plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/cloudwok-file-upload/
WordPress plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/cloudwok-file-upload/

Remember to check developers.cloudwok.com for details. Of course we’re always here in case you have any question on the details. Just drop us a message to support@cloudwok.com.