Receive uploads to your cloud into subfolders and let users browse through these subfolders.

With a CloudWok upload link you can receive files from anyone in your Drive, Dropbox or Box. Since we also allow to organize your uploads in subfolders – for example to have a dedicated folder created for each uploader – we now took the next step and allow navigation through these subfolders from any CloudWok upload page.


So if your connected folder in Drive or Dropbox contains any subfolder, the Download Gallery of your Wok will now show these subfolders. Any user with access can just click these folders and will be able to see what’s inside.

Private Woks
This can be quite useful for teaching (subfolders per homework subject), your weeding (create folders for certain parts of the day or special topics), woks to exchange travel pictures (folder per friend or location), music (folders per artist).

Professional Woks
Create and share product catalogues of your business (one folder per product group), receive uploads in your project (dedicated folders for colleagues or customers) or embed in your web page to better structure the uploads your receive in your cloud from your users.

Coming soon: Manage subfolder access.

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