CloudWok WordPress Plugin

You can add the CloudWok WordPress plugin to your WordPress blog to receive file uploads from your website visitors in your cloud storage (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive).

  1. After installing and activating the plugin, click on the “Settings” menu in your admin area and select “CloudWok”.
  2. There you can create a shortcode using the CloudWok HTML+CSS+JavaScript widget code (you can generate this code using the widget configurator).
  3. Then you can add the shortcode (e.g., [cloudwok ref=1]) into the blog post texts or page texts and the CloudWok upload widget will be loaded at that location in your text.

Unfortunately, in some cases of custom WordPress installations, the plugin cannot be installed successfully, resulting in an empty reference [cloudwok ref=0] instead of [cloudwok ref=1] when you want to create your first new embed code on the “Settings” page. Since some users have experienced these issues and there is no easy way for us to fix it, we are going to collect alternatives for how you can add the CloudWok file upload widget to your WordPress site.

Embedding CloudWok into WordPress with Script ‘n Styles

I recently tried out a WordPress plugin named Script ‘n Styles which enables WordPress administrators to add JavaScript and CSS styles to customize their pages and blog posts. The plug-in seems like a nice alternative that you can use in case that the CloudWok WordPress plugin does not work for you the way you wished.

After installing and activating the “Script ‘n Styles” plugin, there is a new submenu item in your “Tools” admin menu. There you can add global JavaScript code and CSS styles to your WordPress site (i.e., the styles and scripts will be loaded on every page). The following figures show how I entered the CloudWok widget JavaScript code and some CSS for style customization.


Then I clicked on the “Hoops” tab, which works similar to the CloudWok shortcode, i.e., you can enter HTML and then reference it via a shortcode in your blog posts or pages. The figures below show the HTML code that I added and how I used the shortcode in a blog post.


This worked! The CloudWok file upload widget shows up on the blog post.

Limitations of Script ‘n Styles:

Although it should be possible to add CSS + JavaScript to individual posts and pages (instead of loading it globally), I could’t figure out how. I did not see the “Meta Box” settings in my blog/page edit dashboard. I will update this post once I solve this puzzle.


If you know of another WordPress plugin that could be used to add the CloudWok widget (or other customized JavaScript and styles) to WordPress, send us a link and we will check it out. Thank you!