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A great Wedding Gift

Are you invited to a wedding and searching for a wedding gift idea? How about a gift that will help the wedding couple to easily collect all memorable pictures and videos of their great day!?

Help the wedding couple to get pictures from everybody!
Help the wedding couple to get pictures from everybody!

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Easy File uploads from your Wedding Homepage

Hey, you’re getting married?! – Awesome! And you’re even creating your own wedding homepage to share your story?

How your own wedding homepage may look like

One thing that will make your page alive is pictures. If those are pictures of you –celebrating, dancing, laughing – they will surely catch the interest of many friends and family members. Of course your photographer will take pictures beyond the reach of us ordinary people. But sometimes the most touching or funny moments are captured by uncle Roger, your nice or a good childhood friend. But how to get all these photos from everyone?

Let us help you with an easy to integrate file upload service from your own page right into your personal cloud storage. Receive and share pictures and videos from all your wedding guests and your site will be filled with memories every visitor will love.

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Collect wedding photos and videos from family and friends

You have planned your wedding for a long time. Now that your great day is about to take place there will be dozens of friends and family members capturing beautiful, funny and touching moments.

Your wedding pictures page: Receive photos and videos from guests.

Here is an easy and quick way that will help you to collect all files from all guests. We’ll spare you from running after your friends for their pictures, receiving dozens of emails or understanding complicated webpages. With CloudWok every guest can share pictures with just one click.

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6 reasons why email attachments are broken

All of us are doing it. Some of us even do it daily! We still ask colleagues, friends, and customers to send us files in an email. But email attachments are a relic of the past, and we should all stop doing it … today!

Originally, email was intended as a new electronic system to exchange text messages, a replacement for snail mail. In the beginning, sending files was a hack only practiced by geeks. To send a file in an email, it was included in the text using an encoding.

It goes back to 1992 when email attachments were introduced in the MIME standard and the first actual email attachment — as we know it today — was sent. Since then nothing has changed much. We’re still stuck with a decades old technology which has its limitations.

So let’s look into the limitations and see how we can do better…

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How to collect all Thanksgiving pictures & videos from friends and family

I hope you all enjoyed your turkey!! And if you, your family, or friends took some pictures or videos – here is an easy way on how to collect them in your Cloud and even share them with everyone.

Turkey Time

Ok, I’ll give you a short introduction on how to set this up. It should take you only a few minutes but at the end you easily collected all of this years Thanksgiving memories. Of course your friends or family members will NOT need any account to do this. They just access your URL with their browser and send you their files in an instant. In the last step I’ll also tell you how everybody could easily receive a copy of the files themselves.

Best thing for you – it’s absolutely for free. And as it’s Thanksgiving you can upgrade to a one month Silver Wok for free using coupon CW_Thanksgiving. Share it with anyone and of course the coupon is also valid for all of you not using it for Thanksgiving 🙂

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CloudWok now let’s you Share Content between different Cloud Storages

Different people use different Cloud Storages. With CloudWok you can now connect all Cloud Storages and share content between different Clouds.

With this new feature we allow users to “Subscribe” to your Wok’s content. Subscribing means, that a copy of any upload to your Wok will be transferred into the subscribers’ Cloud Storages. Each subscriber is free to choose with which Cloud she/he would like to subscribe with.

Screenshot 2015-11-16 18.35.35

Just think of your holiday pictures. You may collect the pictures in a folder of your Dropbox. But of course all your fellow travellers would like to receive the pictures, too. They can now Subscribe to your holiday pictures with their own Google Drive or or even Facebook Album.

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Custom Names for your CloudWok Links

For your personal upload link – reserve a custom name!Screenshot 2015-08-06 11.10.11

No matter if it’s your wedding, birthday, a special event or an important client.

Create a custom named link for your upload page and everyone will remember where to upload files to your Cloud.

Start now:

Learn more: How to create a custom URL for your CloudWok

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